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Educational Psychology

Educational psychology is the branch of psychology that deals with the description and explanation of the psychological components of education, learning and socialization processes, including its forms and situations. The findings of educational psychology to try to apply for the optimization of educational action and to his goal-oriented change. The tasks and scope of educational psychology includes all social fields and institutions of education, training and socialization systems of different societies and cultures. [1]

* 1 subjects of educational psychology
* 2 Literature
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* 4 References

Issues of educational psychology

The educational psychology such as the industrial and organizational psychology and clinical psychology, a branch of applied psychology. Issues of educational psychology (eg analysis of school performance) are also in the context of educational science, than that with the canon of empirical-quantitative research working branch of education, treatment and this trend is ultimately through initiated by Heinrich Roth "empirical turn" of education was raised.

Issues of educational psychology are - as is clear already from the definition of this subject - the optimization of education in promoting, teaching and teaching in preschool, school, college, adult education and at home. Knowledge of educational psychology are used in educational counseling, school psychology and counseling psychology in general to use. Prerequisite for this is the knowledge of the educational and psychological assessment, learning and instructional psychology, developmental psychology factors in children, the social-psychological factors in the respective contexts of the various institutions and the specific circumstances of educators, teachers and parents. Other topics of educational psychology are:

* 1 Interaction: Basic, educationally relevant perspectives from the perspective of psychology, for example, socialization theories of man, the interactions between parents and child or teacher-student and student-student interaction and its consequences for the individuals involved ( children, parents, students, teachers). The educational psychology makes use of developmental and social-psychological insights.

* 2 Intervention, prevention, funding: Another aspect of the educational psychology are prevention and intervention, which come in pre-school support programs, scholarships for students with learning disabilities or behavioral problems and also in the gifted to the expression. Various aspects of learning such as self-regulated learning or self-directed learning and different learning strategies are considered. In addition to this aspect also includes the development of curricular guidelines and a multi-media learning. Funding, prevention and intervention measures may also relate to educators (teachers, parents) (eg, parent training, programs to support teachers' health, reduce anxiety or teachers to promote teaching skills).

* 3 Diagnosis: An additional aspect is the educational and psychological assessment, dealing with learning checks within the meaning of criterion or social standards-related testing, both formal and informal, in school grading in general, and the evaluation of school performance comparison - in the last decade also TIMSS and PISA - busy. must also be demonstrated in each of the intervention, the success of an action by appropriate diagnostic measures.

Important issues of educational psychology are:

Intelligence, talent, giftedness
Performance anxiety
Motivation, extrinsic vs. intrinsically
Motivation, achievement motivation
Interpersonal perception
Aspects of school education
Teaching quality
Assessment of performance in school
Family, immigrant children, the disabled, social disadvantage

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hmm, flash back when i was a school student. i never thought about the phyicology of education..

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